Trauma Informed Care



Recognition for completion of Trauma Informed Care Implementation Collaborative


Our educational programs help treat the issues your students are facing and guide them to a more positive path.  Folium understands behaviors can be a result of traumatic life experiences. Using a trauma-informed approach, Folium has assembled a dynamic array of services to promote healthier children, adolescents, and adults. 

Why Trauma-Informed Care?

One out of every four school children has experienced a traumatic event in their lives. The impact of these experiences — including physical, sexual and institutional abuse, neglect and disasters — are felt in classrooms across the country everyday.

Beyond disrupting cognitive functioning and impairing learning, trauma often manifests itself as defiant or disruptive behavior. Most victims battle recurring feelings of shame, guilt, rage, isolation, and disconnection, which makes it difficult for them to thrive in an academic setting.

Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) is an approach to treatment, classroom management, and leadership within education and social services. TIC recognizes the presence of trauma symptoms and acknowledges the role that trauma has played in the lives of students.

Folium gives districts the option of choosing from of a variety of collaboration models. These models include:

Behavioral Consulting & Counseling Services

 School-based counseling and therapy for students as well as recommendations for those struggling behaviorally, emotionally and/or socially.
· In-service development to help teachers learn how to integrate trauma informed care and resiliency practices into their classrooms. 
· Consultations regarding classroom or individual student behavioral challenges.

Blended Learning Support Services

· Collaborative partnership enhances student performance and outcomes for educational programs, including cyber initiatives and brick and click hybrids.
· Laurel Life provides structured resiliency-based setting and educational proctor services.
· The district can either utilize its own educational platform and teachers or leverage Laurel Life’s established relationship with Virtual Learning Network (VLN Partners) to provide a variety of rigorous cyber curriculum options.

Making a Lasting Impact

Although exact estimates vary, research suggests that most individuals in need of behavioral intervention services are trauma survivors. By addressing trauma and dealing with the root causes of student challenges, school districts can make a positive, lasting impact on the lives of its students for many years to come. 

Folium's proven approach to trauma-informed care emphasizes treatment partnerships and aims to increase a student’s strengths and resources. Our skilled and knowledgeable therapists partner with teachers, administrators and other stakeholders to empower students so they can meet their goals and maximize independence. 

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including:
· Individual counseling
· Behavioral consultation
· Professional development
· Behavioral interventions

Our flexible approach allows therapists to tailor treatment based on an individual’s unique needs and circumstances. When funded through district budgets, these services are customized to match both student and district needs.