Evidence Based Practices


Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Focuses on helping children and adolescents affected by trauma. It's effective in treating PTSD and it is a short term program with the child and the parents. Trauma focused CBT addresses factors related to the child's traumatic experiences including: behavioral and cognitive issues, depressions and/or anxiety symptoms and helping to improve parenting skills and parent interactions with their children.

Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA interventions are personalized to reflect the unique psychological, educational and developmental needs of the child. Our board certified behavior analysts combine intensive teaching and behavior modification techniques to help individuals undergoing treatment to:

•    Increase skills in language, play and socialization
•    Decrease challenging behaviors that interfere with learning and daily life
•    Reduce or eliminate ritualistic or self-injurious behaviors
•    Increase attention span
•    Improve adaptive skills
•    Increase independence

Parent Child Interactive Therapy

Shown in numerous research studies to improve challenging behaviors that can strain the relationship between parents and their young children, PCIT is an evidence-based approach that combines behavior therapy, play therapy and caregiver training to produce long lasting results.