Mill Road Adventures


Mill Road Adventures offers a unique way to promote personal growth and team cohesiveness. 

Program Overview

Mill Road Adventures offer organizations a unique way to promote personal growth and team cohesiveness. With your team of 10 or more, we can personally customize our program to fit the needs of your group.

We follow the principle of "Challenge by Choice."   This means that participants are invited to participate voluntarily in each of the various activities and challenges. A participant many choose to sit our an activity and this right is to be respected by others in the group and instructors.

How It Works

Participants are invited to be active in a sequence of challenges. Teams are not given any explanation in how to achieve a successful outcome. Success is dependent on interaction, healthy communication and positive group behavior.  If these traits don't exist within the group then experiential learning activities can help to quickly and successfully develop them. 

The sequence of activities start with getting acquainted with each other, then move into building cooperation, trust, and problem solving. After each challenge, participants are asked by the facilitator to reflect on their observations of themselves and the interactions of others. Over time, these conversations help the group to have opportunities to build the necessary skills to become a high performing team.

Challenge Course Programs


Portable Challenges

Can be used in a variety of spaces from outside grassy or wooded areas to the indoors. In these activities, group members work with each other to accomplish challenges utilizing "props" or equipment that Mill Road Adventures provides. These challenges help groups begin to foster cooperation, trust and problem solving. They are often used to create an environment where a group of people can laugh and have fun together while developing a supportive culture or community among themselves.


Low Challenge Activities

Low challenge activities are low to the ground.  Participants remain on or within just a few feet from the ground during these activities. Teams are challenged to overcome physical obstacles that require everyone to work together.  Some examples include: The Team Development Course, Spider Web, Walk the Line and Blind Maze.


The Team Development Courses (TDC)

The Team Development Course (TDC) offers some of the most dynamic team building initiatives in the challenge course industry.  It is a versatile tool that provides exceptional program experiences for a wide variety of groups.  The series of group initiatives allows facilitators to present group issues, such as communication, leadership, fellowship, service to others, compassion, planning, cooperation, listening skills, and respecting other’s ideas and the quality of their effort.  There are many metaphors that represent real life lessons that participants can discuss and have meaningful applications to their team.  


High Challenge Activities

High challenge activities take participants off the ground.

The Alpine Tower & Giant Swing is a 50’ tower that creates the ideal setting for fostering teambuilding, improving communication and developing self-esteem.  It has both high and low challenge course elements accommodating 8-36 participants.  Low-to-the-ground group initiatives include the Tai Chi Traverse, Traffic Jam and Spiders Alive.  Ascent routes include a variety of initiatives – the Beanstalk, the Team Beam, the Corporate Ladder, the Missing Link, Diabolical Seesaw, the Hanging Cargo Net, the Hangdown Rope and the Karma Platform. Participants learn the skill of belaying. 

Programming options range from a few hours to multiple days.
Your safety is our top priority.  Every piece of gear we use is regularly inspected and kept up to date.  Our group facilitators are fully trained.


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