Our Mission

We understand how challenging and complex life can be. We also delight in the joy and hope we see when lives are transformed by new coping strategies, healthier relationships and upbeat attitudes. That's why as an organization, we devote every day to this simple, yet extremely important mission:

Easing Adversity, Inspiring Growth.

Each one of these four words was chosen carefully to reflect our unwavering commitment to our clients and our dedication to helping them live happier, fuller and more productive lives: 


Ultimately, we seek to provide an authentic and attainable outcome for the people we serve. Unlike physical illness, behavioral health diagnoses are not cured; the impact of a traumatic experience will always be there. We believe these symptoms can be significantly alleviated, however, by mastering new skills and behaviors that empower individuals to deal with the past while living in the present.


Many of our clients have experienced an adverse childhood experience or trauma, such as abuse or violence. Others face different circumstances, like living with autism. No matter what type of adversity people have faced in the past or what they will face in the future, we believe they are united in their ability to be resilient and to transform their lives for the better.


Hope and optimism are vital to the healing process. We strive to instill these qualities in both our clients and our staff. By encouraging people to take ownership of their lives, show initiative, and make positive changes, we help them achieve the outcomes they desire.


Everyone moves forward at a different pace. We recognize that one person’s progress may look much different than another’s. Rather than viewing growth as a one-time objective to be reached, we believe it is a mindset that supports ongoing recovery and resilience.

Our Vision

To champion a new era of specialized care that empowers positive change and inspires triumph over adversity. 

Each and every day, we at Folium strive to become the industry leader in delivering specialized services that alleviate adversity, promote personal growth and reinvigorate one’s capacity to transcend challenges. We seek to lead by example and to champion a new era where our high standard of evidence-based best practices are the accepted industry standard that teachers, therapists and other service providers aspire to achieve. Through our nationally recognized levels of specialized care, our extensive network of certified experts provide a level of intervention that empowers positive change. The impact of these interventions and services are evident in the ways that the people we serve are able to grow, change habits, adopt healthy behaviors and make improvements to daily functioning. Since coping with difficulties and transcending individual challenges is a lifelong journey, our dedicated team builds resiliency and inspires triumph over adversity at every step of the way so the people we serve can flourish and thrive.

Our Core Values

Just the like the individuals we serve, Folium operates according to a set of core values that reflect the essence of our identity and our existence. These ideals support our mission, shape the culture, and establish clear expectations for our actions and our behaviors. Day-in and day-out, this set of fundamental beliefs and competencies guide how we make decisions, provide services and treat others.   Following an extensive review process, the core values listed below were identified to be the most crucial, influential, and universal factors in promoting positive outcomes for our company. These authentic values not only describe what sets Folium apart and explain our competitive advantage, but they also allow us to better share our beliefs and our story with everyone we encounter.   All current and future Folium employees will embody these values in their word and deed, enabling us to form a collective identity and approach that defines our success. For us, living out these values isn’t just encouraged, it’s expected. We firmly believe our ability to fulfill our mission is deeply rooted in our ability to be:


We know that people perform best when they have a clear purpose and a clear goal. That’s why with every interaction and intervention, we are single-minded in our approach, acting with a sense of accountability that’s mindful of the past, focused on the present and thoughtful of the future.


We believe in the power of teamwork. From the bonds we form with our colleagues to the relationships we form with our clients, we build and grow our connections with one another by prioritizing open communication, establishing trust, acting with empathy and working together to provide exemplary services to all. 


We expect and embrace change, and we seek to proactively respond to circumstances and situations as they evolve. Our ability to adapt is reflected in our comprehensive treatment approach, which recognizes the vast number of factors that impact one’s life experience and is informed by the latest research-based advances, regulations and requirements.


We make progress happen. As agents of positive change, our team employs innovative, evidence-based practices and techniques to motivate our clients and to empower them to relentlessly pursue the best possible future for their lives.