Staff Development


Folium, Inc. offers various programs and opportunities that enhance staff retention.  A core team of our management staff coordinate and drive innovation,  identify training needs, and ensure the interconnectedness of our agency.   Our New Hire Training Series, facilitated by our in house skilled trainers and management team, introduces new employees to the history, culture, and philosophy of providing a safe, nurturing, and trauma informed environment.   Mandatory training components of Safe Crisis Management and First Aid/CPR are introduce during this training week with refreshers throughout employment. In addition, regularly scheduled mandatory trainings and supervisions assure the efficacy of our staff.

In addition to new hire training, we offer various online trainings, tuition reimbursement and supervision towards licensure for human service professionals.   We also offer various levels of internal professional development tracts for our staff providing direct care.  

Being recognized by the National Council of Behavioral Health as a trauma informed organization, we understand the importance of making our staff feel appreciated and supported both professionally and personally.  We incorporate program specific  supervision policies that  utilize clinical feedback and support, as well as self-care strategies for our staff.